Top Ways To Achieve A Natural Colon Cleanse

By Maggie Simmons

Following a specific treatment to clean the colon is thought to be a relatively new health procedure. But there are well-documented studies of the Egyptian physicians using enemas to treat colon disorders. Also, our bodies cleanse the colon daily through its natural activity, but sometime it does need a helping hand, and this is where a natural colon cleanse may help.

The colon is about 6 feet long, and is only about 3 inches wide and is essentially the final part of the digestive process. It is responsible for absorbing any remaining water and electrolytes (minerals) from the material passed from the small intestines. It also has the job of storing the waste material until it is time for it to be evacuated; it then moves the feces along the bowels through muscle contractions to be expelled.

Your body has its own way of cleansing the colon, but excessive amounts of hard to digest foods or a poor diet can impact on its ability to keep the colon functioning properly and effectively. This can lead to compacted waste residing in the colon, which restricts its ability to absorb nutrition can increase the risk of constipation and bacterial infection.

One of the primary ways of cleaning the colon and bring it into optimum health is to check and amend the diet. You can only obtain the best result if you have a well-balanced healthy diet. Make sure that you drink ample amount of water to help with the elimination of waste from the body.


It is important that before anyone starts a colon cleansing regime they speak with their doctor. This is especially true if they are taking medication as some of the herbs in some natural colon cleansers can interact with medication being taken.

Herbs like cascara sagrada, fenugreek seed, and aloe vera are often used in herbal colon cleansers. Fennel seed, red clover, and dandelion roots also provide laxative effects.

The aim of many herbs is to stimulate the colon and remove all the built up waste that has accumulated. Some of the stools passed when taking a colon cleanse may be an unusual texture, looking sometimes stringy and ‘rubbery’. Some of this waste may have been compacted in the colon for years.

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A diet should have sufficient fiber, which aids natural colon cleansing. Therefore try adding prunes, bran, psyllium seed husk, and whole natural foods. Vegetables, whole grains, and fresh fruits are also great sources of fiber.

The aims of a colon cleanse it to remove the unnecessary compacted fecal build up in the colon, along with any toxins and parasites that may be present. The results can be amazing, including a clearer complexion, fewer headaches, better allergy symptoms, and more energy.

The benefits you can obtain from a colon cleanse can vary from individual to individual, but what is important is that your body is healthier, can absorb nutrients more effectively and the possibility of a bacterial infection and constipation is reduced.

However, the changes that are made should not stop after the natural colon cleanse has done its work. The main aim is to then keep the colon performing healthily by sticking to a healthy diet to promote digestive health.

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