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You may have asked this to yourself: will the first job be effortless? Especially if you are a graduating law student or a fresh grad. What you have to concern yourself is making your resume-the start of it all. Aside from all the good grades and the academic achievements, making a resume is really difficult. So if you are having trouble making law student resumes, here is a brief and simple guide to making a resume that will get you started on your legal career.

If you have not prepared a resume before or if you are not feeling too confident with your skills in making a resume, it is best to look at the satisfactory resumes. What you have to have is law examples of law student resumes. However, it is not recommended that you copy and paste, as what other persons do-which is improper, as well as illegitimate. Have them as a guide. Do you have close friends on the law firm you are applying for? Ask for tips how to draft it, or see their old resumes. This helps much since once you skim through enough samples or other individual’s resumes; you will be able to create one for your own. Making a resume is not a science; it is an art so practice is required.


The second most important thing in making your resume is to make an impressive cover letter. How consequential is a cover letter? Most people just have the exact cover letter with just small changes in names and dates, but in the legal career making a good cover letter will not only impress your would be bosses but also it will highlight your writing skills and elaborate your other talents. The cover letter summarizes what you have done in your former job/s, what your skills are and what you can do for the company. While the resume includes your educational background and personal profile. But your cover letter should not just be everything on your resume but also every side of you that your future bosses will also be keen to have as an employee.

If you have been a chairperson of your club or have planned countless activities, do not forget to include all of that in your resume. As the more and the relevant, the better. Besides one of your interviewers or perhaps even your bosses may have been to one of those seminars or forums, so right of the bat this will impress them as well.

Lastly, although most people think this is not important, is to also include in your sample law student resumes your interests and your own passions in life. A law firm or a legal career might need certain requirements but occasionally these passions and interests will suggest the kind of worker you are and they will further compliment all your advocacies and extra-curricular activities as a legal career is not just a job but it is a passion. As long as you have what it takes and the drive to do what you want to do, then your resume will be complete and you will no doubt have more than enough job offers to choose from.

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