Things To Know Before Going For A Private Bank Job

Things to know before going for a private bank job


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If you are looking for a job in private bank, then there are a few things you should know. For instance, some people face this dilemma of whether to look for a job in public bank or in a private bank. Though both public & private banks belong to the banking sector, there is some differences in the way they work. The nature, constitution and working procedure of a private bank is quite different from those of a public bank.


Here are some key things to take note of before you go for that private bank job: i. Campus interviews: These days, private banks are showing an inclination in conducting campus interviews and making recruitment therein. On the contrary, a public bank relies more on newspapers for the same. Private banks have learnt to shed the conventional form of hiring and have found out that recruiting through campus interviews gives them a greater amount of flexibility, convenience and ease. Plus, it is time-saving and cost effective as well. It is hard to grab a job in a private bank. Hence, it’s never too early to start your career. Make sure to attend your college campuses while you are still in your college. ii. No quota system: One must admit that the quota system is one of the major drawbacks of a public sector bank. Under the quota system, both the parties are likely to suffer. Banks lose out on recruiting the best talent. And the talented potential candidates find it hard to get a placement. However, in private banks, the system of quota does not exist. They are free to choose candidates on the basis of their merit. iii. Low vacancy: Unfortunately, private banks do not have too many openings. The vacancies are limited in number and in a country like India, where unemployment rate is quite high, there is too much competition. So, you need to make sure that you are ready for the challenge. Prepare yourself well, sit for interview with confidence, and read journals, magazines & books to increase your general knowledge.

Even though, it is hard to get a

jobs in private banks

, the financial rewards are satisfying. Average salary is much higher than that in a public bank. If you have the talent and the qualification, then all you need to do is to impress them. Once they are impressed, they will definitely hire you for a suitable private

bank job

and offer you a good salary.Of course, you can negotiate the salary!!

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Things to know before going for a private bank job