Strollers And Buggies For Your Day Care Center, To Sooth Those Fussy Babies And Toddlers

By Kris Starliper

A well stocked day care will also include strollers as well as furniture, toys and outside equipment. Being that small children are involved, there are more things to take into consideration that how they look. There are a few things to take into consideration when purchasing strollers for your day care center.

Safety is your first concern, make certain that you review all of the strollers in which you are considering to ensure that there are no recalls and or safety concerns for those particular strollers. Considering the high level of use of the strollers it is wise to select an industrial stroller. They do make some that are designed specifically for day care centers. Another plus of the industry strollers is that they often come to where they can seat anywhere from two to eight children.

A highly recommended stroller that you may look into is the Runabout, the runabout is a very industrial stroller, high on safety, and has tires that can not be punctured. Runabouts come in single to six-seats and are easy to manipulate, even on rough paths. Runabout strollers are highly recommended by parents of multiples, and are made to order. The Company that produces them has a high quality standard and great reputation.


Accessories for your strollers are very important. You will want to ensure that your strollers are equipped with a five point harness system to ensure safety, as well as sun shades to prevent the children from getting sunburned. Baskets come in handy to store sippy cups, bottles and or toys for the children. Other options for strollers would include rain guards and nets to prevent bugs from getting on the children. It will also be necessary for you to purchase strollers specifically designed for younger children, infants.

A highly recommend option is the Triple-Decker, as you can have three children in it at the same time, the triple-decker requires that you use an infant car seat for the children. You can also get the triple-decker in single and twin models. The triple-decker is easy to use and has an excellent reputation in the industry. It is also important that you have single strollers on hand, there may be times in which one child needs to be walked, yet you do not want to disrupt the schedules of the rest of the children in the room. In this situation there would be no need to pull out the bigger strollers.

A central place for storing your strollers is ideal as well. You will want to keep them in good working condition and keep them out of the elements. It may be necessary to build a storage building for them, or closet. Your strollers should be easily assessable to all who would need to use them at all times.

Strollers and buggies are a necessity in any day care setting that caters to children from the infant age up to two and yes even three years of age. So make sure you do your homework and study the options available before purchasing.

About the Author: Kris Starliper spends a lot of his free time writing articles about the different types of equipment day cares and preschools should have in order to be fully operational. Some of this equipment is your standard day care furniture, such as chairs and tables. Other pieces of recommend equipment are cribs and baby strollers.


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