Restoring Penis Sensitivity Of Damaged Or Non Receptive Penis Nerves

Restoring Penis Sensitivity of Damaged or Non Receptive Penis Nerves


John Dugan

Penis sensitivity is reliant on the health of the nerves running throughout it’s tissues. The entire penis is filled with different nerves, able to pick up the sensation of touch, pain, pressure, heat, and of course, pleasure. Almost 85% of all the sexual pleasure nerve receptors in the male body are found in the penis, but like all nerves they can become permanently damaged through poor nutrition, injury or diseases. Penis specific vitamins, herbal medicines and common-sense self-care will go a long way to protecting the nerves in your penis to ensure a long and happy life.


Natural oils are important for the function of nerves. Every nerve in the human body is surrounded by a waxy substance called myelin — without it nerve sensations cannot be transmitted properly and become interrupted. Myelin is made primarily out of omega 6 fatty acids, such as oleic acid. Eating olives, walnuts, pecans, cashews, linseeds, chia seeds and peanuts are all great ways of increasing oleic acid and other omega 6 oils in your diet each day. In addition, applying oleic acid-rich oils to your penis may support the local health of the skin and nerves. Shea butter, olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil and peanut oil all contain good amounts oleic acid. Cold-pressed oils are all safe for external application, and can be commonly found as bases for many natural creams and ointments.



Nerves need nutrients in order to function optimally. Specific micronutrients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids, are used by the nervous system to facilitate synaptic messages. When nerve tissues have sustained damage, studies show that some nutrients may benefit the healing process. Vitamin D, B12 and folic acid have been researched for their ability to repair the myelin sheath around nerves. These vitamins may be of clinical benefit to patients suffering from diseases of the nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis. In addition, L-carnitine, vitamin C, E and iron are necessary for the formation of healthy skin cells. When the skin is strong, elastic and moisturized, sensory nerves are far more sensitive and receptive.

Botanical Extracts

Traditional systems of healing have used plant medicines for stress, nerves and libido for hundreds of years. Today, science is beginning to understand the bioactive substances these plants contain and how they can benefit penis health and nerve health. St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is one of the most popular herbal medicines used to support nerve health and treat neuropathies. However, at least one study has shown that St John’s Wort’s action on nerve health may be mild at best. Damiana (Turnera diffusa) has been shown to support libido and sexual health in some studies, most likely acting through the nervous system. Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) was studied by researchers from Tohoku University in Japan for its ability to improve nerve function. Their study revealed that Lion’s Mane stimulated an enzyme called Nerve Growth Factor, which facilitates the growth and function of nerves throughout the body.

Penis health Cr mes

Cr mes applied directly to the penis can support both nerve health and penis health. Following daily washing, dry rubbing, masturbation or sex, the skin of the penis can become toughened and dry, reducing the sensitivity of nerves. Penis health formulas for male organ health (most professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) contain a range of vitamins, including vitamin C, D, E and A, which may support the health and repair of nerves, stimulate circulation, and facilitate the healthy reproduction of new skin cells. These nutrients are combined with amino acids and Shea butter for fast absorption, and can be applied daily to promote tissue and blood vessel health in the penis.

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Restoring Penis Sensitivity of Damaged or Non Receptive Penis Nerves