Puppy Dog Training

Submitted by: Ken Bishop

From the first day you get your puppy you will need to implement obedience. I am not saying that if your dog is not a tiny little pup you cannot train it. I am just saying it is never too early to start training your dog. You must however do it properly or you could be training your dog improperly and may be confusing the hell out of your dog.

Once your dog gets confused it makes for a tough challenge to train it. You become frustrated and your dog becomes frustrated. You know when your dog becomes frustrated when it tries to hide away or becomes shy when you approach. You have the dog totally confused and he or she just wants to go to sleep or just stay away from the grumpy owner.


This frustration can even lead to depression on the dog s part, well maybe even on the owner s part as well. For the sake of you and your pet canine, seek professional help. That does not necessarily mean you have to bring your dog to an obedience class or send your dog to a professional trainer. There are perfectly good e-books out there that can give you all the advice you need to get your dog or puppy training off on the right foot. These e-books are relatively cheap for the information they have to offer.

Having a disobedient dog can lead to tragedy. Once your canine pet gets out and decides to enjoy his or her freedom, it may end up being a very terrible scene with cars wandering up and down those asphalt paths they call roads.

If you do own a puppy or a full grown dog, seek help from a professional to keep your pet safe. Your time with your dog can be very enjoyable for you and your pet. Remember an e-book is quite inexpensive and you can get all the information you need from a professional to raise your dog to be a very obedient pet and a good friend.

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