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By Sean A. Kelly

PHH Mortgage offer high quality service in the form of products with a full range program at competitive rates. As one of the top five originators of retail residential mortgages in the US they have received many awards including Best 100 Places to Work in IT and Top 25 Companies that Care. Their No. 1 priority is always going to be the customers and they treat customers like family while providing financing for their particular purpose. They pride themselves in giving their customers smooth, easy and fun experience even when it comes to choosing a type of loan or mortgage that suits their particular need and financial ability. They utilize their expertise and passion to strive to meet every single client’s expectation.

PHH Mortgage believes that their clients should be the one making all the decisions. In fact, they are very sure of their commitment and high quality products that they guarantee your closing date. Basically if you say close and they don’t, you may have your interest rate reduced by 1/8 of 1% throughout your loan term. At the same time, they also offer a mortgage pre-approval so that you may look for your dream house more confidently. Their full disclosure on many items and aspects ensures that you know how much you can afford and helps increase your negotiating power. They portray themselves as bankers who take pride in being a lender their clients can trust because they want their clients or customers to get their services.


PHH mortgage rates may be considered to be quite competitive. Their affiliation and commitment to offer home loans developed by the government such as the VA and FHA loans may be one of the many reasons they offer interest rates that are noticeably lower than every one else. The rates may also depend on the type of loan that you go for. For example if you go for the fixed rate loan the interest rate may be slightly higher than the initial rate for the adjustable rate mortgage. PHH’s commitment to their clients is obvious through their promise for quick decisions and immediate action. Basically you may not even be required to meet up with their representative prior to making a decision about the type of mortgage you may want to apply for. You may instantly confirm your mortgage decisions on their webpage or you may even call them up.

You may wonder how any client or customer could reach a decision so quickly without having to discuss their option with a representative of PHH. Generally this may be due to the introduction of the PHH mortgage calculator not so long ago. With this calculator, all you may be required to do is to fill in the information they request for such as your monthly income and other expenses. Once you have keyed in the requested information their system will calculate the monthly payments that you may be able to afford including the types of loans that better suit your particular financial situation as well as financial goals. Another reason they may not take a long time to let you make a decision is because of their leading-edge underwriting technology combined with experience to make the loan approval process fast and easy. The information you give them may remain confidential and they may only use the information to review your credit history.

Generally, PHH has served many people for quite some time. Mistakes happen but PHH makes up for it by maintaining their composure and allowing their clients to inform them if there may be anything that they could do to improve their services to you.

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