Mother’s World: Your Companion In The Journey Of Parenthood

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Second Issue of Mother s World Magazine from the House of Mom & Me out on Stands

Your companion in the journey of parenthood

Cementing the commitment to provide relevant information, assistance, tips and guidance to the world of early parenthood, Mom & Me brings out the latest issue of Mother s World a quarterly magazine for parents. Mothers World magazine serves as an extensive and comprehensive guide for young parents to deal with parenthood and its challenges.

The September issue is packed with informative articles for the mothers and mothers-to-be ranging from nutrition tips for expecting mothers, expert speak on postnatal massages, handling ear infection in infants and much more.The magazine also features celebrity mom Malaika Zayed Khan on the cover. The star wife and a completely hands-on mother of two lovely boys, shares her secrets of parenting.

The issue intrigues its readers with true stories of parenthood, one of which is the emotional journey of Rukhmini, mother of a premature baby Meher. Rukhmini takes you through her miraculous story of hope after an unexpected early arrival of her baby and her ordeal through the initial days after delivery. The beautiful narration of survival and hope leaves you moved

With this subscription based magazine for parents-to-be, Mom & Me aims to provide insightful information, carefully researched articles and quotes from real parents who share their experiences, besides tips on fashion trends in maternity wear. The magazine has been divided into relevant sections covering all aspects of parenthood: conception, infancy, toddler hood and relationships, with all the information verified by in-house experts.


This issue features tips and advice for an expert panel consisting of the following people:

Dr. Prabha Eliya Singhan Specialist in high risk pregnancy

Dr. Ajit Gajendragadkar Pediatrician and specialist in neo-natology

Nikita Nadkarni Prenatal and Postnatal fitness expert

Asha Venkatrao Yoga therapist and Reiki expert

Priya Srinivas Nutritionist

Shilpa Ganesh Massage therapist and Reflexologist

Anjali Peswani Nutrition and Food Consultant

While Mother s World magazine adopts a serious approach to parenting, it does have a light-hearted side to it as well with lots of tips, tweets and fun facts about pregnancy. It also features a host of relevant products, all easily available to the reader at Mom & Me stores. What also sets the magazine apart is its take on lifestyle and fashion. From maternity fashion to toddler fashion – beautifully taken, theme-based shots give the magazine that classy edge.

Mother s World quarterly issue is available on newsstands across the country, in all Mom & Me stores and online on at a nominal price of Rs.100 per copy.

About Mahindra Retail

Mahindra Retail is an extension of the USD 15.4 billion Mahindra Group’s trading foray in the domestic India market. It has entered into a unique venture with the launch of Mom & Me stores, which specialize in infant and maternity care.

Mom & Me the chain of stores from Mahindra Retail has been built around the unique needs of mothers to be, young mothers, infants and children up to the age of nine. The store was built to address the multiple lacunae in the market for maternity and baby products and services. The absence of a single retail outlet addressing mother and child product and non-medical advisory needs is the most critical need gap that Mom & Me seeks to address with a one-stop store for moms and kids across the country.

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