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When it comes to men’s fashion, men have it easy. These days, there are generally three types of looks that a guy is going to need to know how to pull off. The threesome of fashion looks include daytime, casual, and the ‘hot night out.’ All of these looks can be had by any regular guy, as long as they keep in mind a few easy pointers.

Time to make it work at work: The suit.

No one can deny the importance and appeal of a good fitting suit. Professional, put together, and one of the key staples to just about any man’s wardrobe, the suit is a classic mainstay of fashion. One of the keys to wearing that suit is to make sure that it fits like it is supposed to. That is not likely to happen by grabbing it off of the hanger at the store, taking it home in the bag, and throwing it on at 7 am before you jump in the carpool on the way to the office. One word here men, tailor. If it seems like an unneeded expense, think again. With a classic cut, and tailored styling, that suit can take a guy all the way to the top.


Kicking it and relaxed casual: The jeans.

When the times comes to enjoy the weekend, one look that looks hot all year round is a good pair of jeans. The way a man wears his jeans can say a lot about him as well. Not to tight, and not hanging so low as to trip him as he walks is a good way to begin finding the right fit. Also, please avoid the plumber look, Im sure you understand. And while finding the right pair of jeans can be just like finding the perfect woman, be prepared that someday it will end. While the worn look may be in, gaping holes are not. When it is time for them to go, you just have to let them go and head on over to the store to purchase a brand new pair!

Styling and profiling at the club: The bling.

Though there are plenty of guys out there trying to keep up with what they see in music videos and on the stars in Hollywood, be careful of the bling. When attempting to pull off the hot look with a new date, a guy shouldn’t be outshining her. But without enough sparkle, he may just fade away. A good rule of thumb is to keep it simple, and low key. A nice set of cufflinks, a small silver buckle on the belt, or a half-carrot on the ear are all ways that a guy can add a bit of taste to his look without outshining the stars. Next time you go out, ask yourself: Do I really need to look like Flava Flave? Chances are that you dont and that your date will disapprove. Leave out the clocks, leave out the grills and leave out the big rocks.

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