Learning The Business At Kansas City Cosmetology Schools

byAlma Abell

Some people have a knack for doing hair, but they still need formal training. There is a lot to learn about hair, including color, chemicals, cutting and more. The best hair dressers go to school, to learn all the aspects of being a professional. There is a lot of studying required before someone hangs out a shingle.

Beauty schools teach a variety of skills, including aesthetics and skin care, electrolysis and laser hair removal, nail technology, makeup and more. Most critically, students learn how to operate a business. Today’s salons are big business, and there is a lot of money to be made. Therefore, beauty schools combine business education, with the other curriculum. Z Hair Academy is one of the best Kansas City Cosmetology Schools. Z Hair Academy trains students in technical and communication skills, and business techniques.

The demands and requirements of beauty schools vary from state to state. Most states require beauticians to be licensed, and students have to pass a state exam. Most cosmetology schools have their own student cosmetology salons. Students have the opportunity to practice what they are learning, with actual clients.

The length of cosmetology school depends on the student’s curriculum. A full cosmetology curriculum is the most intensive, and requires between fifteen hundred to twenty-one hundred training hours. Nail technology and makeup artists programs require three to six hundred hours, while aesthetics and skin care require between three to fifteen hundred hours. Students in Kansas City Cosmetology Schools, and other cities, must decide whether they want to be full or part-time students.

Many cosmetology programs can be completed in two years. Schools are teaching students valuable skills they need in business. For example, classes are offered in client retention and guest services. It may be easy to attract clients, but they have to keep coming back. Students are also taught how to get a job. There are classes in resume and interview skills, and how to practice retailing. Most successful beauty shops retail products, as well as style hair. The best salons are those that style hair well, and provide excellent customer service.