Landscaping Design In Santa Barbara

Landscaping Design in Santa Barbara



Your garden or front yard is the first thing that a visitor notices before entering the house. A beautifully landscaped yard is not only to create good impressions on the visitors but can also be a source of joy for the people of the house. It can be very pleasant to relax with your favorite plants, flowers and trees around. With a landscape design for the yard in your Santa Barbra home, you can enjoy a mini countryside experience in your very own premises.

Landscape design Santa Barbara should begin with a basic plan to devise a theme for your garden. The selection of appropriate flowers, foliage, grass, fences, hedges and architecture can be best made if you have a theme for your landscape design Santa Barbara. Some may prefer a perfectly manicured lawn with every shrub and tree carefully placed in specific places.

Generally, landscape design in Santa Barbara for front lawns play a critical role in the curb appeal of the house. The front yard has to be maintained well and should have more of evergreen shrubs and plants with flowers that blossom for long period of time. A few trees can also be planted in the corners. The back yard on the other hand can have a more personal theme. Indeed it is your private retreat with family and friends where you can add water features, BBQ pits, a pool or little caves and secret gardens .


With the right landscape design Santa Barbara, you can have an attractive mural around your house and the elements of landscaping in Santa Barbara are balanced, in proportion, and perhaps emphasis and rythm.

Balance is required to provide a sense of equilibrium and symmetry in visual attraction. In landscape design Santa Barbara, balance does not necessary imply symmetrical or equal number of objects on both sides of the yard. It can also be an informal balance created through the use of opposing compositions on either side of the yard. Proportion considers the size of different objects fountains, trees, rocks with regards to the size of your yard. Emphasis brings the attention of a viewer to a prominent focal point of the landscape design Santa Barbara. Rhythm generates a pattern and cadence that lead the eyes from one corner of the landscape to another. Intelligent use of color scheme, shape, texture, line and form bring out a rhythm in landscape design.

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