Important Facts About Shea Butter

Shea butter is currently one of the most effective and reliable skin care products in the market. It is a creamy product extracted from the nuts of the Karite Trees that has for a long time been used by African women to maintain healthy skin and hair. However since the discovery of the enormous benefits that can be reaped from this exceptional body cream, there are a lot of Shea butter products that can now be found in the US. The extraction of Shea butter is mainly done manually where the nuts of the Karite trees are manually squeezed to release the butter they hold. Due to the high demand for unrefined Shea butter, most companies that deal with this product usually prefer producing unrefined Shea butter that is often beige or grey in color. The moisturizing functions of Shea butter have absolutely no match as Shea butter not only goes a long way in keeping your skin smooth and healthy, but it also can effectively treat over 90% of all skin problems that one can have. The outstanding skin healing properties of Shea butter come from the vitamins A, E and F that its pure form contains. Altogether these vitamins among other minerals like Cinnamic acid that can also be found in Shea butter enables it to treat acne, rashes, scars, sun burns and skin discolorations just to mention a few.Not only is Shea butter beneficial to your skin but it also has a great positive effect when applied on dry hair. For women with dry hair and more so whose hair keeps on developing dandruffs time and again, purchasing Shea butter is all you need to do to bid your hair troubles goodbye. Shea butter has a unique way of keeping your hair oily with a stylish look throughout the day and what’s more is that it is easily absorbed by the scalp without blocking your hair pores that may lead to discomfort and profuse sweating like other hair oils do.Using Shea butter can moreover be your secret trick of looking young and bubbly. It has been discovered that Shea butter can effectively do away with premature wrinkles that often make many people to appear much older than they really are. On the other hand, most women who have just had a baby recently mostly have a difficult time trying to get rid of stretch marks that may be ‘eating away’ your previously exquisite look. Shea butter can handle this for you as well. Also keeping in mind that the cream eliminates any spots, rashes or scars on your skin; it goes without saying that you will generally benefit in the looks department. In order to quickly experience these incredible benefits of Shea butter, there are two ways that you should consider using it. First purchase Shea oil that can be used for ordinary cooking so that the healing properties of the product are ingested into your system faster. Then secondly you can now get the Shea butter cream to be applying physically on your skin. By just doing this, you may be surprised at the model you’ll have become the next time you look in the mirror. The product is simply amazing!