How To Select The Correct Feeding Bottle For The Baby

How to Select the Correct Feeding Bottle for the Baby


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In the face of an array of many kinds of feeding bottles in the market, when mothers are in the selection of bottles, whether they feel at a loss? Take a look at the contents of the following, so that you can buy a pretty good feeding bottle for your baby.


The bottle is divided into two parts of the bottle body and the lip. And the materials of bottle body have glass and plastic. Although glass bottles are non-toxic so that make people more comfortable, they are brittle. And when the temperature change is large, it will also burst, in addition, it is not convenient to carry and use, so it has become eliminated. However, the plastic bottle is lighter, and unbreakable, as well as it is easy to carry and use. But counterfeit products are toxic and hazardous to your childos health. In addition, the media has reported that unscrupulous producers use waste recycled plastic to make feeding bottles, so when you buy feeding bottles, you should go to a regular store to buy brand-name products. Moreover, the material of pacifier has two kinds, which is silicone and rubber. Compared to rubber, silicone pacifier is better, it is moderate hardness, but also close to the motheros nipple feel, and the baby maybe prefer. However, you should select the shape and size of the nipple openings according to the childos age, to prevent choking children. The newborn infants should use the nipple with round hole, because this pacifier has few flows, and the milk can automatically outflow; the children over 3 months are suitable for Y-hole nipple, this pacifier has relatively staple milk flow, but unlike the cross holes which will become larger. In addition, you need to prepare more pacifiers, because you have to change them frequently. Furthermore, after using the feeding bottles, you need to rinse with water, but do not use detergent, but it is available to use a special brush to wash; and you need to pay particular attention to the bottom of the bottle, and bottlenecks and the bottle at the spiral. Besides, the feeding bottles should be regularly disinfected, which can be disinfected with boiling water or hot water depending on the material. However, you cannot let your baby continue to suck the nipple for a long time, because long-term sucking can cause deciduous teeth shift, causing the mandible changes, which also make the lips loose, forming upturned lips.

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