Hot Wedding: Tips On How To Effectively Plan Your Summer Wedding

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Are you looking to get hitched under the gorgeous summer sun? Summer is a popular time to get married. A lot of couples time their wedding in this specific season. It s the time where there are clear skies and a fair amount of skies and wind. Yes, it looks and sounds like a perfect weather report. It is truly a blessed season to be married.

Here are some wonderful ideas to help you effectively plan your dream wedding.


Get all family and friend to help you with your wedding. Let them grant you a helping hand. Don’t hesitate to take it.

Get a wedding coordinator. Don’t worry. Not all wedding coordinators are pricy. You can search the internet for people who offer quality service for a lower cost. Do not be shy to bargain a little.



Once you get some help, be specific with what you want. Device a “want chart” so everybody; or at least your wedding coordinator can get a clear description of what you want for your wedding to be. List down everything; from the entourage to the guests seats; the invitation, the wedding venue and reception and the outfits. Do not hold back. It is better to be outright with everything now than to voice out your concern at the day of your wedding. It’ll be too late by then.


A lot of summer weddings take place in sandy beaches, paint brush perfect villas and resorts. This is great for the overall summer theme.

Booking a resort or a beach for your wedding can be a hassle. Especially because of the fact that summer is an ideal summer date for most couples. The best thing to do is to get ahead. Plan your wedding at least a year before and contact the venue about a year before also. Yes it sounds ridiculous but it is a great way for you to snatch those slots. It s better to be advance than to be told over the phone that all the slots are taken. Ouch. This means a change of plans — a change of everything.

But if you are a little traditional, you can go to the church to be hitched. Well, nothing beats the classic. You get to be with your partner in the midst of God as you say your vows to each other. A church is a romantic and a mystical place to be one with your partner.


It is really up to you if you will opt to be strict with your guest list. People that you have invited tend to bring other people along as they attend. This will of course result into a disaster if you have a controlled food relaying system with your caterer. Know your food and space limits and discuss it with your wedding coordinator or your family. Afterwards, write it down on your invitation. Specify that your wedding is exclusive only to those who are invited. And make use of the RSVP. It will help you a whole lot.

Planning your summer wedding can be a daunting task. Get a wedding coordinator, a family member or friend to help you go through the motions. But most importantly, discuss it with your partner. Help each other out. With these tips you will surely have no more worries as you say your I DOs under the hot summer sun.

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