Funny Wedding Favors Plans

Funny wedding favors plans


Jessica Thomson

Wedding favors are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. The tradition of distributing wedding favors is a very old one. It is believed that the first wedding favor, common amongst European aristocrats. The nice thing about giving them a wedding favor is that when the guest leaves the wedding they will also have a gift of their own. This is a way to make sure that they don’t forget about the wedding that they just left. A couple marrying today are livelier and want their marriage to be a remembering one. So they adopt for unique wedding plans,

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, themes, decoration and location. A funny wedding favor thus can be a remembering act for everyone. There are several types of funny wedding favors that you can give away to the guest of the wedding. There is the choice of whether to buy ready made wedding favors or make your own. That decision will be up to each individual, since everyone has different talents and skills for crafting beautiful wedding favors.

First make a list of each guest that you invited to the wedding.

Make a note of their age, like and dislikes and even their profession.

Below are some of the funny wedding favors you can give to your wedding guests


1. License plate frames which you can personalize perhaps with your city name or a funny saying or even describe your wedding dates.

2. A cross word or a puzzle by creating your own puzzles using words from your


, such as theme words, attendant’s names, your names, wedding date, etc

3. Customized T-shirts by buying some plain white T-shirts and using a fabric pen, draw a small design to reflect your theme or use iron-on transfers.

4. Personalized Bath Confetti Packets by making up some small clear plastic bag packets filled with colorful, scented bath confetti (or bath salts). Print out small labels with your names and wedding date and attach to the outside of the packet.

5. Buy postcards of your city and write a personal note on the back of each one.

6. Stuffed soft toys bags with each filled with personalized toys. A name of the person on the bag will be funnier and note inside it telling them how special they are will add a warm feeling.

7. Customized scented candles in the shape of your name’s initial or your wedding date.

8 Posters printed with the Brides and grooms picture on it with a funny themed background and humorous lines describing your wedding.

9 A Compact Disc recorded with songs in bride and groom’s voice telling them how special their guests are with describing the guests name in it.

10 Miniatures perfumes or antique wines with a note saying as why not to use the content inside with a personal note too is a funny idea as wedding gift.

The right wedding favors can make that special event even more memorable for family members, friends and guests. The other great thing about wedding favors is that they bring the whole party together. If you pick out something that really symbolizes the relationship of love and care between you and your new spouse then everyone will really feel that throughout the night. Then, once everyone brings their favor home they will each have a piece of that night with them forever to serve as decorations for their own home or anything else that they decide to do with them. This is a great sentiment that has made the tradition of giving out wedding favors a really great and enduring one. In the past, the tradition started out as a means of bearing witness to the union of the couple but it has carried on today for many different reasons that just keep evolving because everyone has a different perception of what the meaning of certain traditions are.

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Funny wedding favors plans

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