Fine Art Lighting Projectors

By Kimberly Quang

Fine art is often very old, and the inks and even the canvases that constitute the works are easily damaged by heat, infrared, and ultraviolet radiation. As such, natural light is never a safe source of fine art lighting. Projectors absolutely must be used to preserve the integrity of the piece and to showcase the richness and depth of color and texture. Ideally, fine art projectors themselves should be free from harmful forms of light, but unfortunately this is not always the case in older or cheaper modelsat least not without additional filter accessories to screen out the Ultraviolet and Infrared light. Older projectors also tend to be a lighting designers specialty, presenting a cumbersome bulk too difficult for the layperson to work with, and too complex and esoteric to easily manipulate without having to call a professional to make photometric adjustments.

Enter stage left the Phantom Projectorthe solution to all these many dilemmas, and the next act in the drama of fine art lighting to be continued indefinitely.

This feature-rich fine art lighting projector represents the highest level of sophistication that a fine art projector can boast. It is a low voltage device, highly efficient by its very nature and thus cost-effective to operate for long periods of time. The Phantom fine art projector is an ideal replacement for eyeball fixtures or picture frame lights. Because it unobtrusively hides near the ceiling, the viewer sees only the illuminated artwork, not the overhead fixture. The Phantom fine art projectors combination of precise optics and sophisticated masking techniques keep the light beam itself invisible and allows the collector to shape the luminous field to the exact dimensions of a painting or the specific contours of a sculpture. This proprietary method of lightingfound only in this line of equipmenthas been dubbed the lighted from within effect, and it is truly magical in its effects.


The shutter is easy to operate, making light level and beam control easy even for the beginning art collector or fine art lighting consultant. Basic square and rectangular shapes precisely adjust light to fit frame dimensions. For three dimensional artwork or irregular pieces, we also provide metal containment kits to achieve the same level of fit to contour. We currently have six different lines of fine art lighting projectors available, each featuring unique mounting options that make installation seamless and eliminate damage to ceilings. Some install into ceilings at time of construction; others are made for retrofitting to existing ceilings using a proprietary remodel housing ring for flush and semi flush mounting from below. We also have one series line that features a purely surface mount for ceilings with no corresponding attic or second floor.

This is extremely important to both residential homeowners in older homes and even some public galleries operating out of an older estate converted into commercial space. It simply isnt cost effective to install a traditional fine art lighting projector into such a ceiling because of the resulting damage to the residence and the diminished aesthetic this creates. Phantom projectors offer options to these fine art collectors that other art lighting projectors simply cannot deliver. Furthermore, consider how important it is to see the light, not the lighting equipment, when viewing a Van Gogh, a Rembrandt, or a Goya. To enjoy the worlds best art work under the fine light of the worlds most sophisticated projector, and to rest assured this same fine art is protected from all deleterious effects of the invisible light spectrum, is a value difficult to quantify numerical, but easy to qualify emotionally and aesthetically. For those with large collections consisting of multiple genres, Phantom fine art light can even be adjusted to compliment specific themes and visual cues latent within the textures and carefully blended paints.

No one who collects and showcases art of any kind will fail to benefit from an investment in Phantom fine art lighting projectors. Art openings can achieve a level of sophistication heretofore not seen with the lighted from within luminosity these fixtures will create around the works of vibrant, emerging artists from tomorrows generation of geniuses. User-friendly controls will make them easy for both curators and eclectic home collectors to make any necessary adjustments.

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