Dog Training For You And Your Canine Friend

Dog Training for You and Your Canine Friend


Chris Robertson

Having owned more than a few dogs during the course of my lifetime, I know the benefits of dog training to be countless and necessary for both my various four-legged friends and myself. Any dog owner knows the value of a well-trained dog – one that knows his place both in the home and outside. Most canine owners also know dog training is as much for them as it is for the dog. It goes without saying: a well-trained owner will most assuredly have a well-trained dog! If you are fortunate enough to live in Sarasota, Florida, or surrounding areas and are in need of a dog training facility, you are in luck!

I have had the privilege of using a wonderful Sarasota dog training facility on several different occasions. My older dog had some behavior issues that needed to be addressed, and the new puppy I had rescued needed puppy training from A to Z. The owner of the facility, recognized as one of the leading dog trainers in the country, offered a wide variety of training options, from group classes to private sessions. His philosophy of positive training and patience has proven to work even with the most difficult behavior problems. Dog training allows you to build a bond of trust and friendship with your dog that ensures a long, happy life together.


The owner and staff at this great Sarasota dog training facility have created flexible programs and are committed to helping owners understand the human-canine relationship, while drawing out the very best from each. Whether you are a first-time owner with a new puppy or a veteran dog owner, classes are available for every need. The puppy pre-school helps socialize your pup while building problem solving skills and basic house manners. Puppy kindergarten is an advanced form of preschool with continuing work on skills and commands. Puppy dog obedience training classes really are a must even for the seasoned dog owner. Other classes offered range from Intro to Agility Fun, Rally-O-Fun, Fly Ball Fun and K9 Service Dog Training.

Another positive service offered at this Sarasota dog training facility is the Team Evaluation where a knowledgeable trainer meets with you and your dog. During the evaluation, the dog’s general history is discussed, as is the owner’s needs. A customized plan is designed with optimal training strategies recommended to fit the needs of you and your dog. A good trainer has a toolbox of remedies available, and with a creative, positive approach, there isn’t a dog or owner who can’t be trained!

The relationship between human and canine can be one of the most important in the life of each species. As a lover of all dogs, I feel as though I can be their voice when I encourage all owners to seek dog training to enhance their ownership experience. Do not settle for a one-dimensional approach to dog training; rather, seek advice from trained professionals who will help you understand how to maximize the relationship with your canine pal.

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