Botox Can Be Used For More Than Cosmetics

Submitted by: Adriana Notton

The name Botulinum toxin may not mean very much to most people. Many will know it better by its shortened name of Botox. It is a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. The treatment is used in medical and cosmetic procedures throughout the world, in places such a Calgary, Canada.

Botox has a great many uses that some are completely unaware of. Many of these uses started in the twentieth century, when it was shown that the protein Botulinum toxin could be used to inhibit sweating, which was said to be particularly useful for those who sweat excessively under the armpits. It is not known if Botox should be used in other places that sweat profusely other than the armpits.

These days the treatments are available around the world for a variety of treatments. In Calgary, Canada one such treatment is to prevent headaches, especially migraines. Some treatment for migraines is for those with especially chronic problems. For instance if a person has 15 days of migraines, each lasting over 4 hours in duration, then such a treatment might be a consideration by the doctor.

Those who suffer from things like muscle spasms might also wish to consider this treatment. The treatment is associated with relieving stiffness in the muscles. Places where the injection can be applied include the elbow, the wrist and the finger muscles. It is recommended by some that only people with limb spasticity use this treatment.

One use for this can be with people who have cervical dystonia or CD. A symptom of CD is abnormal head position and severe neck pain. It might also be used in those with eye muscle problems or abnormal spasms in their eyelids, as the treatment helps relax the muscles.

Of course, many will be aware of the use of Botulinum toxin for cosmetic reasons. The injection is something that is available for combating frown lines between the eyebrows although this does wear off in time and may need to be done again if so desired. The cost of the treatments vary but in Calgary, Canada, the prices are said to be extremely reasonable.

Like many things Botox is not 100% safe. Some may experience side effects. Some people say Botox should not be taken by people who are allergic to any of the ingredients or those who have had reactions to it in the past. This could be considered common sense, as could the advice handed out that you should tell your doctor about any muscle condition before using the product.

Advice that has been given in conjunction with Botulinum toxin is to tell your doctor about any medicines you are taking during the consultation. This could include any herbal remedy, prescription, non-prescription medicines and vitamins. For some people Botox is an excellent way of looking younger by losing facial lines and for some it is most important use is in combating muscle problems.

People as far afield as Calgary, Canada find Botox very useful and could not do without it. Yet, as with any treatment, it is an idea to consult a trained physician before undergoing treatment. Some provide guidance that a person should be over the age of 18 before embarking on any such treatment or cosmetic surgery.

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