Benefits Of Dog And Cat Pet Massage

byAlma Abell

Your pet is your close companion. He or she is your friend and a member of your family. Some days, the best reward for your pet is to treat him or her to a massage. In Middleburgh a veterinarian should understands the need to pamper your pet. This is particularly true if the animal is a working one.

What Is a Pet Massage?At its most basic, a pet massage is upgraded petting. When you notch it up, it becomes a diagnostic tool for discovering health issues; it also becomes a therapeutic method to address pain issues in your pet. While a Middleburg veterinarian may not be part of an alternative veterinarian clinic, he or she does recognize the effects of certain holistic and complementary practices.

Canine and Feline MassagePet massage is one way to help you bind with a new animal and increase your bond with your current pet. It also allows you to spend quality and even fun time with your favorite four-legged friend. You can give him or her the best massages possible if you master a few basic techniques.


Several books and videos exist to help guide you through the practice. In general, the texts provide clear instructions accompanied by pictures to help guide you through the process. They remind you to always speak softly, never raising your voice. This helps to soothe and calm the pet during the process. They will show you how to apply slight pressure (acupressure) to certain areas. This will help to relieve tension and any strain or stress to the muscles. Moving your hands over a dog or cat in this fashion will help you find any lumps or unusual growths.

Hire a ProfessionalIf you are not sure or confident and do not put faith in correctly interpreting the images and direction in books or videos, a Middleburg veterinarian would recommend you take your pet to a professional. A professional pet masseuse is aware of all the techniques. They can relax your pet effortlessly and help your pet enjoy the entire procedure from start to finish.

Seeing, as recommended by a Middleburg veterinarian, a professional will ensure your pet receives a correct massage. It also gives you a chance to observe the technique and learn from it. Pet massage borrows from the best of human massage. It adapts the techniques used in Swedish Massage including:


In the end, you will get back one happy, relaxed cat or dog.

Talk to a Middleburg Veterinarian

Research indicates the power of massage. It can act as an early warning system of various health issues such as cancerous tumors and lumps. It can aid in recovery from surgery through its ability to increase the blood and lymph flow. If you massage your animal, your Middleburg veterinarian will applaud you. If nothing else, it makes his or her job so much easier. Massaging is, after all, one means of increasing your cat or dog’s acceptance of being handled.

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